Details about Windows Phone 7 have been sketchy so far – though developer tools and demo units have been out in the wild for some time, the lack of a final SDK and a clear understanding of how it’s all supposed to work have made it difficult to know what to expect. Well, prospective WP7 devs, it must be your birthday, because Microsoft just offered another peek behind the curtain with a series of videos from its Windows Phone Design Days. The seminar included an overview of WP7 development, personas, demo apps and more, including this lovely demo of a USGA golf score app. Below, a bit of YouTubery showing the USGA app in all its movery-flippery:

» Windows Phone Design Days videos (via Engadget)

Project Pink is no longer just a rumor: Microsoft is aiming to make it even easier to send compromising drunken photos and videos of your friends’ Lady Gaga impressions to your Facebook account and prospective employers. The company today unveiled the Kin One and Kin Two, a pair of cute and surprisingly innovative phones aimed at the OMG txt me!! set. Driven by the DNA of 2008 Microsoft acquisition Danger, creators of the similarly candy-like Sidekick phones, the Kin is designed from the bottom up for sharing. The phones combine all your contacts from your phone book, email, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts into a one big social mashup, and then make it easy to send photos, videos and messages back and forth to your similarly info-addicted friends.

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