iPad pre-orderers, if you’re like me, you’re in a funny predicament this week. I pre-ordered the 3G iPad a few weeks back, along with the standard black folder/easel case (because while it may be an overpriced piece of plastic, you’d be crazy to go commando with your shiny new toy). The 3G iPad goes on sale Friday, and preorders are shipping now (or shortly). The thing is, Apple shipped the case separately several days ago, and even with slower shipping, it arrived today, at least two days before the iPad will arrive. So, then: what can you do with the case while you wait for the iPad?

  1. Fancy display case for your iPhone 1G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch
  2. Convenient foldable serving tray for Freschetta brick oven pizza
  3. Great way to prop up your old-fashioned paper books while reading
  4. Emergency hair protector for sudden downpours
  5. Impress your friends with “magic disappearing iPad” trick
  6. Tell curious onlookers you left your iPad in your other pants
  7. High-tech cover screen for stylish Dungeon Masters
  8. Print out iPad photo, glue to plywood sheet, insert in case and sell it on eBay
  9. Stand on roof with friends and fling it for distance and accuracy
  10. Leave it in the box and wait for the damn iPad

3 Responses to “Ten things to do with your new iPad case”

  1. Steve Hoefer Says:

    This is the inverse of what happened with the original iPad launch, where people received their iPad but the case was delayed several weeks. However a check of local Apple stores had plenty in stock.

    (It’s by far the best iPad case currently on the market. Unless of course you don’t have an iPad.)

  2. Paul Ferguson Says:

    So this is what a comment looks like! Heh.

    I agree, this is the only case worth buying at this point, it should simply be shipped with the iPad. I don’t know anyone who has the iPad but not the Apple case.

    However, as my post illustrates, there are lots of uses for an iPad case even if you don’t own an iPad. It really is a smart, versatile solution for today’s consumer.

  3. Brent Says:

    I’m going to go with magic trick 5. Everyone likes magic.

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