In a less-than-shocking turn of events, Adobe’s Mike Chambers announced in his blog Tuesday that Adobe will cease its efforts to bring Flash-powered apps to the iPhone, following the release of Flash CS5:

While it appears that Apple may selectively enforce the terms (of the iPhone SDK), it is our belief that Apple will enforce those terms as they apply to content created with Flash CS5. Developers should be prepared for Apple to remove existing content and applications (100+ on the store today) created with Flash CS5 from the iTunes store.

We will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5. However, we are not currently planning any additional investments in that feature.

Adobe’s decision is the culmination of an ongoing battle between Apple and Adobe (well, mostly Adobe and the wall they’ve been yelling at) since Apple changed the terms of use of its iPhone SDK to restrict the use of cross-compiling tools that bypass or augment Apple’s development tools. While the rules aren’t final and Apple has been less than forthcoming about what they actually mean, it is widely assumed that the new rules will ban Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone efforts, as well as several other third-party tools.

On a move positive note, Chambers, Principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash Platform, explained that the development efforts on Packager for iPhone were not wasted, and Adobe has been putting considerable effort into getting both Flash 10.1 and AIR up and running on Android and other platforms.

Indeed, Lee Brimelow’s Flash Blog charts some of Adobe’s recent progress on AIR for Android, and Brimelow is brimming with pride on their Android success so far:

We are able to get tremendous performance on Android devices because Google and the various handset manufacturers have chosen to work closely with us to provide the best possible experience to the end user. Go Android!

Android could indeed go further faster if Adobe decides to put its full weight behind it, as Android still trails the iPhone by a wide margin in both market share and the number of apps available. Could Apple have created a Syndrome out of an Incrediboy, which may ultimately lure its Mr. Incredible… phone to Adobe’s booby-trapped island of doom? Could even sillier metaphors await? This one isn’t over, kids, so hold onto those decoder rings!

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